• Kyk na my / Look at me

    The New Book By Nataniël

    In this remarkable book Nataniël tells the story of a childhood in three small towns and one large suburb, in an era during which rules were seldom challenged, and of a young boy’s overwhelming fear of the ordinary. Available in both English and Afrikaans, this is Nataniël’s first full-length memoir.

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  • Lily Refuses to Listen

    The New Show By Nataniël

    Nataniël presents a brand new creation, LILY REFUSES TO LISTEN. At a time of being bombarded by bad news, damning prophecies, evil politics, corruption, loud neighbours, endless traffic, horrific music, relentless advertising and desperate social media, Nataniël celebrates personal space, personal choices, selective listening, self care and resilience.

    Out with the bull, in with the beauty! Out with the yes, in with the no! Out with the trends, in with the timeless! Out with the parties, in with the privacy! Out with the ordinary, in with the exclusive!

    LILY REFUSES TO LISTEN features fantastical stories in both English and Afrikaans, songs from the treasure trove of timeless blues, jazz, soul and pop, also original songs and a breathtaking wardrobe.

    Nataniël shares the stage with Charl du Plessis (piano), Juan Oosthuizen (guitar), Werner Spies (bass) and Peter Auret (drums).

    Costumes by Floris Louw.

    Books, cds and lifestyle products available at all performances!

    No children under 15.
    No shorts in the front row.

    21 – 25 January 2020
    Atterbury Theatre

    12 – 15 February 2020
    Oude Libertas Theatre, Stellenbosch