Nataniël launched his solo career in 1987 with the release of his first single. Since then he has released 19 albums, staged more than 80 original theatre productions and published 19 books.

Over the past 3 decades he has not only established himself as singer, songwriter, producer, director, designer and public speaker, but also as South Africa's leading exponent of the solo stage act.

An outspoken and often controversial figure, he continuously crosses over from the alternative circuit to the main stage, generating extensive media coverage and a massive cult following. His popular Kaalkop column has been appearing in SARIE magazine for the past 17 years.

Nataniël manages his own production company, Nataniël House Of Music, is the creator of the Kaalkop Lifestyle range of products and also heads his own charitable foundation, The Nataniël Progress Project.

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Nataniël se nuutste boek, ZIP!, is nou beskikbaar. 41 voorheen ongepubliseerde stories in beide Afrikaans en Engels. 262 Bladsye pure plesier! Sluit stories in uit vertonings soos BLACK WHITE MAN WOMAN, POP-UP!, HONEYBEE, MENOPOUSE EN ANDER GLOEDE, RAINBOW AT MIDNIGHT, JEFFREY AND THE COLD FEET, DIE MAAK VAN ’N JAS, AFTER ANIMALS, HOW MOON GOT HER NAME en vele meer. Read more
The long-awaited costume book has arrived! This luxurious book is a tribute to imagination, design, fantasy and craftsmanship. A first for South Africa, this historic document is both a visual feast and an intimate look at the world of an unique artist and his creative team.
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ONE DAY IN A CASTLE is a collection of 11 hauntingly beautiful songs, written and performed by Nataniël, produced by Juan Oosthuizen.
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